Robert Lamb

Robert Lamb


Robert is a Lawyer and Director of Hillhouse Legal Partners. He has more than 20 years in litigation and dispute resolution, wills and estates, employment and family law as it relates to property matters. 

Robert is a member of Executive Strategies’ Contributor Panel providing expert commentary on various matters that frequently bridge private and professional issues common to high-earning executives and senior managers.  He is an advocate of collaboration, working cohesively with other professionals and specialised advisors to create successful and seamless multi-disciplinary outcomes for clients.

As a director of Hillhouse Legal Partners for more than 12 years, Rob says that he and his firm as a whole, make a conscious effort to fully understand their clients’ needs, to ‘speak their language’ and deal with issues and questions quickly.

Working across a broad range of clients, including individuals and small and medium sized businesses to large publicly listed companies, Rob is pragmatic, organised and responsive. He recognises his clients are similar to himself with legal needs that span both business and personal matters.

Rob’s breadth of experience includes extraordinary and novel matters that require specialist skills to assist his clients traverse the legal system and its nuances.

He considers his role in the recovery of a child from overseas under the Hague Convention as well as successfully recovering compensation for a 4-year-old client, now a young adult, important and defining achievements in his career.

Other highlights include advice and representation on matters as diverse as saving a business owner from ruin by successfully recovering money embezzled by an employee; ensuring infant beneficiaries received proceeds stolen from an Estate; and successfully preventing destruction of a client’s business due to the theft of intellectual property.

These, and a raft of other often complex legal experiences over Rob’s 20-year tenure with Hillhouse Legal Partners, have contributed to his comprehensive knowledge and reputation as an accomplished and respected lawyer.


When asked what he’d like to be remembered for, Rob quickly points to his wife and family, and hopes he’ll be known as a dedicated husband and father above all else.

Raised in Hervey Bay with family roots in Warwick and the Darling Downs, he’s a former hospital trained Registered Nurse, a Karate Instructor of 20 years and a very keen traveller.

As Rob says, there isn’t much he hasn’t seen or experienced, and it’s very likely that his rich and fulfilled personal life is what underpins his considerable professional success.

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