Irma Bantjes

Irma Bantjes

Head & Co-Founder

CEO of Stratus Financial Group
Contributor for Resources Unearthed 

Bachelor of Arts
Master of Business Administration
Commissioner of Declarations

2021 Guy Carrington Award – Fortnum Private Wealth

Irma is Head and a Co-Founder of Executive Strategies. She is also CEO of Stratus Financial Group, a well-respected and multi-award-winning Brisbane financial services firm and provides strategic solutions and management for Resources Unearthed – a business dedicated to helping mining and resources professionals, executives and business owners access qualified advice and support. 

Having worked with mining and resources executives since 2014, Irma brings valuable insight, processes for implementing strategic solutions and a well-established network of professional contacts for executives and senior managers in health, biotechnologies, pharmaceuticals, construction, technology and mining and resources. 

Irma describes, Executive Disorder, as the time and organisational issues that commonly prevent busy, high-earning executives from achieving what matters most in their personal and professional lives as they grapple with the complexity of their private affairs. 

She has been instrumental in formulating a 5-step framework for executives and senior manages to achieve personal prosperity goals through a process of preparing and implementing a Personal Strategic Plan. Motivated to overcome the time and dis-organisational issues commonly affecting executives and senior managers, Irma is known for getting things done. She adeptly identifies needs and articulate solutions, assembles the required ‘advice team’ and manages the relationships necessary for delivering outcomes.

For further details email or call 07 3007 2080.

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