ESS redundancy

Executive Share Schemes & Redundancy

Executive Share Schemes (ESS) have inherent complexity which is exacerbated when an employee has unvested performance shares and then has their position made redundant or takes a voluntary redundancy.

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Workplace calm or chaos

Workplace Calm or Chaos

In many workplaces, disruption caused by COVID has led to chaos, while others have remained (relatively) calm. Despite the nature of the pandemic, it’s been the quality of communication, policies…

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Will I have enough to retire when I want to

Will I have enough to retire when I want to?

The past 18 months has caused many executives, professionals and business owners to question what really matters. In discussions we’re having with clients, they are reassessing what’s important and raising…

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Contracts: The devil is in the detail

Negotiating and entering into contracts is all part of a day’s work for executives and business owners. Nevertheless, there can be a lot at stake financially and the decisions made…

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